Spring Safety Consultants

We’re an award winning, trusted health and safety consultancy company serving businesses in Western Australia.

Our Vision

Become Australia’s most trusted health, safety, environment and quality management consultancy firm.

Our Mission

Spring Safety Consultants offers health, safety, environment and quality solutions for businesses across Western Australia.

Our Core Values

Be Genuine

Be truthful, authentic and sincere.

Be Reliable

Be on time with all deliverables.

Be Dedicated

Be a trusted source of quality work.

Be Creative

Be open-minded and flexible.

Our Approach

We understand how tough it can be keeping on top of everything, especially when it comes to work health and safety

Our leaders listen to your story, your workplace needs and integrate with you as a business partner. 

Our consultants are all highly skilled, we ensure they are university qualified, hold lead auditor qualifications and relevant industry experience.

Our systems focus on project management, we thrive on project milestones and delivering quality work on time and budget. 

Our methodology has undergone thorough testing and scrutiny, establishing us as competent persons by WorkSafe WA for auditing services and Certification bodies for management system services. 

Our services are tailored to your journey, we are flexible, and solution focused. 

Our History

Spring Safety Consultants commenced in 2007, with the idea of helping businesses comply with work health and safety requirements.

Sophia is the Founder, Managing Director, Principal HSEQ Consultant and HSEQ Lead Auditor of Spring Safety Consultants. 

Following a successful career in heavy construction and mining she decided to create a bespoke consultancy firm to service work health and safety needs of Western Australian businesses. 

From 2007 to 2016 Sophia operated the business with sub-contractors, servicing the Water Corporation, Woodside’s Pluto LNG Project and other clients with high calibre occupational health and safety consultants. 

From 2016 to 2019 Sophia moved from Perth to London closing Spring Safety’s doors. She had an opportunity of a lifetime to work and study in London, living in Surrey, U.K. with her family. 

In 2020, once resettled in Perth, and ready to recommence services, she discovered that Western Australia was not yet ready for harmonisation of the new work health and safety laws. 

It wasn’t until October 2021, that the timing was right, so she re-opened her doors, with a new website and corporate strategy for helping business comply and improve their work health and safety management systems. 

Moving from her home office to a professional business centre in Osborne Park has made all the difference to the business. She now employs a team of consultants: psychologists, engineers and work health and safety professionals and engages specialist sub-contractors for technical writing projects. 

As the firm gains momentum in winning over hearts and minds, it’s also collecting awards, securing new clients and attracting top talent.

Awards and Grants

Spring Safety Consultants has been recognised by the City of Stirling as a standout local business, winning several awards and business grants.

We offer consultancy services in a myriad of different areas

ISO Certification Services

ISO Discovery Meeting

Conduct ISO Gap Analysis

Conduct Risk Assessment

Conduct SWOT Analysis

Conduct Risk and SWOT workshop

Build integrated management systems

Conduct readiness audit

Represent your team during Stage 1 audit 

Close out any Stage 1 audit findings

Represent your team during Stage 2 audit

System maintenance and advice

Internal auditing services



ISO 9001: Quality Management

ISO 45001: Health and Safety Management

ISO 45003: Psychological Health and Safety at Work

ISO 14001: Environmental Management

ISO 27001: Information Security

ISO 22301: Business Continuity

ISO 31001: Risk Management



Construction and Rail






Safety Engineeing

Plant and Equipment Audits

Plant Risk Assessments

Registered Plant Audits

Amusement Devices Inspections

Registered Plant Registers

Fire Risk Managment

Evacuation Diagrams

Amusement / Entertainment/Event Risk Profiles 

Project Due Diligence

Safety in Design

Functional Safety 


HSEQ Risk Registers

Property Loss Prevention Registers 


General Induction Course

Supervisor Courses

Psychosocial Hazards Course

Customised Training Courses


ISO Auditing

ISO Gap Analysis

Internal Audits

Supplier Audits

Plant Audits

Registered Plant Audits

WorkSafe WA Plan Audits

Facilities Compliance Audits

Legal Compliance Evaluation Audits

Health and Safety Management System Audits

Psychosocial Health and Safety Audits

Environmental Management System Audits

Quality Management Systems Audits

Information Security Management System Audits


Psychosocial Legal Compliance Audits (WHS Regulations) 

Psychosocial Management System Audits (ISO 45001/45003)

Psychosocial Facility Inspections

Safety Leadership Coaching

HSEQ Team Coaching

Communication Coaching 


ISO certification and maintenance

Integrated Management Systems

WHS law gap analysis, strategy and implementation

ICAM Analysis, Workshop and Report

WHS inspections

WorkSafe WA Plan implementation

Regulatory WHS Compliance Inspection and Report

Emergency Preparedness Inspection and Report

Injury Management Inspection and Report

Hazardous substance Inspection and Report

New Premises Inspection and Report

Specific Process Inspection

Specific Task Risk Assessment

Specific Area Inspection

Briefings and Workshops

Due Diligence Sessions for Officers

Leading Small Groups and Committees

Principal Hazard Management Plans

Mine Safety Management System Support  

Technical Writing

Work Health and Safety Management Plans

Psychological Health and Safety Management Plans

Asbestos Management Plans

Traffic Management Plans

Policies, Plans, Procedures

Manuals and Process Maps

HSEQ Induction Programs

Safe Operating Procedures

Safe Work Method Statements

Job Hazard Analysis Worksheets

Risk Assessments

HSEQ Risk Registers

Property Loss Prevention Registers

Mine Safety Management Plans

Principal Hazard Management Plans


Inspection Services

Regulatory WHS Compliance Inspection and Report

Emergency Preparedness Inspection and Report

Injury Management Inspection and Report

Hazardous substance Inspection and Report

New Premises Inspection and Report

Specific Process Inspection

and Report

Specific Area Inspection and Report