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Workplace Equipment – fire, first aid and safety

When we inspect your workplace, without a doubt the first area we look at is your ability to respond to an emergency. Work Health and Safety laws and the International Standards require you to provide processes, equipment, and training. 

Get the basics right so you can sleep easy, knowing your people, products and assets are safe.

Let’s chat about how we can help your business comply.

Our Products

  • Evacuation Diagrams 
  • Emergency Response Plans and Procedures
  • Emergency Managements Plans


Our Software

  • Locatrix – Plan Studio


Our Techniques

Our Safety Engineers and HSEQ Consultants will work with you to create spatially accurate floorplans with instant evacuation sign publishing, complying with Australian Standards. 

Fire Extinguishers

First Aid Kit



Wondering how to comply with the new Work Health and Safety Laws?

HSEQ Services

HSEQ Audits and Inspections

Choose from a range of regulatory inspections or ISO management system audits.

Training and Education Design

Tailored workplace inductions, training and educational packages customised to your business or project site.

ISO Systems and Certification

Management system development for businesses thinking about becoming certified to International Standards.