3 tips to kick start your WHS journey


In a nutshell, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws have been renovated, changes include:

  • new single Act
  • modernised terms
  • simplified licencing
  • Industrial manslaughter

If you are more, than a one-man band, employ staff, rely on labour hire, or volunteers to conduct your business, then it is time to take a look at your back yard, does it need a WHS reno?

3 tips and free resources to get you started NOW!

  1. Take the safety quiz for small business.
  2. Conduct a workplace WHS audit.
  3. Start talking about safety today!

WorkSafe WA say ‘while it’s not compulsory for a small business to have a safety audit conducted by an independent occupational safety and health professional, the procedure displays an important message that you are strongly committed to workplace safety and health.’

Spring Safety Consultants are certified occupational safety and health professionals and approved by WorkSafe WA to conduct audits, we are committed to help small business.  Call today to discuss your workplace needs.

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