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Work Health and Safety

Comprehensive WHS services to assist your business manage risk and comply with local laws. 


New WHS laws require business to control psychosocial risks. 

Our team are qualified psychologists and Lead Auditors. 

Our Services

  • Psychosocial Audit (WHS Regulations)
  • Psychosocial Management System Audit (ISO45001/45003)
  • Psychosocial Facilities Inspections
  • Safety Leadership Coaching
  • Communication Coaching

Our Techniques

  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Focus Groups

WHS Training

Need to make an impact with your company induction, toolbox talks or training courses?

Do your supervisors understand their responsibilities and feel supported by your business?

What are the requirements?

The WHS legislation require a PCBU to provide information, training, instruction and supervision to workers, which now includes psychosocial hazards. 

We customise training programs to adapt to the unique risk profile of your business. 

Training Courses

Workplace Induction Training
Psychosocial Health and Safety Training

Wondering how to comply with the new Work Health and Safety Laws?

Safety Engineering

Our Safety Engineers use a range of techniques to provide comprehensive engineering services.

Our Services

  • Registered Plant Inspection 
  • Registerable Plant Audits
  • Plant Risk Assessments
  • Plant and Equipment Audits
  • Fire Risk Management
    • Emergency procedures
    • Evacuation Diagrams
  • Project Due Diligence 
    • Safety Risk Profiles
  • Safety in Design
  • Functional Safety 
  • Rail Risk Assessments 
  • Amusement Devices Inspections

Our Techniques

  • SWOT analysis
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Hazard and Operability Studies
  • Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Venn/Swiss Cheese Diagrams
  • Fault Trees

Our Software

  • Locatrix
  • Bow Tie XP 
  • Visio Professional 

Safety Engineering Services

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ISO Certification

Business in Perth is booming, its highly competitive and there are many risk and compliance obligations to meet. ISO Management Systems and Certifications can help businesses meet legal obligations and demonstrate commitment to key stakeholders.

You may find you have many processes already aligned with ISO Standards. Spring Safety Consultants can help you every step of the way to Certification, by implementing the standards and other risk management frameworks. 

Our process 

  • Kick off  meeting
  • Gap analysis systems audit
  • Legal compliance inspection 
  • Build Integrated Management System
  • Conduct SWOT analysis and Risk Register workshops
  • Conduct Management Review Meeting
  • Attend 1st and 2nd stage audit. 
  • Provide ongoing maintenance service.

HSEQ Maintenance

Great for businesses who need a regular service of HSEQ expertise. 

Everything is included:

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